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  •  21 May 2008 23:28

Release Notes: The TrackCutter tool has gained greatly improved file selection, the ability to read a cue sheet from standard input, and the ability to print progress information to standard error. The documentation has been expanded with information for all members of all classes. It also comes with an XML schema for the output of CueSheetToXmlSerializer, as wel as an XSLT stylesheet for turning this XML output back into a cue sheet. Finally, all of cuelib now supports JDK1.4 logging.

  •  12 Apr 2008 17:24

Release Notes: A command line tool that can cut files into tracks based on information provided in a cue sheet was added. This has support for post-processing, so you can easily encode tracks using lame or FLAC (including setting the ID3 tags based on the data in the cue sheet). Tracks hidden in pregaps are supported, such as used in Skunk Anansie's album Stoosh. A serializer that writes a cue sheet to an XML representation was added. A convenient method for getting various metadata from cue sheet representations was added.


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An Unreal .umx and .uax class object reader and extractor.