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Cubes is a Python framework for online analytical processing (OLAP), multidimensional analysis, star and snowflake schema denormalization, and cube comptutation. It features a logical model that describes how data are being analyzed and reported, independent of physical data implementation, hierarchical dimensions (attributes that have hierarchical dependencies, such as category-subcategory or country-region), localizable metadata and data localization.


Recent releases

  •  05 Dec 2011 11:47

    Release Notes: A new method Dimension.attribute_reference returns the full reference to an attribute. str(cut) will now return the constructed string representation of a cut as it can be used by Slicer. Slicer server now provides information about model locales. Dimensions in a cube can be a list. Cubes in a model can be a list. Serving multilingual models now works as expected. This release fixes old Cell aggregation calls to Browser calls. Tutorials have been added.

    •  30 Sep 2011 07:38

      Release Notes: The class 'Cuboid' was renamed to the more correct 'Cell'. All APIs with 'cuboid' in their name/arguments were renamed to use 'cell' instead. The initialization of model classes has changed: Model, Cube, Dimension, Hierarchy, and Level are more "pythony". Improved handling of flat and detail-less dimensions (dimensions represented just by one attribute which is also a key). Model Initialization Defaults. The slicer server has been changed to handle multiple cubes within a model. In aggregate drill-down, an explicit dimension can be specified.


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