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ctraj is a Lagrangian transport library written in C++. It includes two-dimensional codes for basic atmospheric trajectory integration, semi-Lagrangian tracer simulation, and contour advection. It also includes a novel dynamical tracer reconstruction method called PC proxy.

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Last announcement

PC proxy paper 15 Mar 2012 02:27

A paper describing the PC proxy method has been submitted to the preprint database: entitled "Principal component proxy tracer analysis." We hope to submit a more in-depth version to a refereed journal soon. In order to accomodate the previous reviewers comments, numerical experiments will be conducted using the sparse library of the "libpetey" project.

Recent releases

  •  05 Aug 2013 23:29

    Release Notes: Three main algorithms (trajectory integration, tracer simulation, and contour advection) have been completely refactored. They are more general and extensible, support analytic wind fields, and have easier importation of gridded wind fields from other sources, including ECMWF.

    •  13 Dec 2012 00:06

      Release Notes: Routines for calculating the fractal dimension have been added. Plotting scripts have been considerably refined. The biggest single addition is the "space-filling" experiment. As its name implies, this will load up you hard drive with a lot of junk and more or less bring your computer to its knees.

      •  28 Nov 2011 19:58

        Release Notes: In Revision 79, velocity fields can be imported for any range of dates, plotting not only works, but works well, typing has been cleaned up a little, unnecessary executables have been removed, and the satellite libraries have been moved to a different distribution. Revision 187 adds PC proxy, a powerful dynamic tracer reconstruction method, models which all accept commandline options and arguments in addition to an initialization file, commandline options which are uniform across all executables (see the README file), and many bugfixes, refinements, and other improvements.


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