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Ulimitw is a C program that has been made in order to wrap procmail's max filesize delivery limit but could be used with any program.

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04 Feb 2001 10:18 cyrilb

Re: wheel-invention

> Daemontools has an utility called 'softlimit' which has the same functionality.

I guess that releasing ctk-ulimitw on 2001 is quite stupid since this tool is privatly used since 97 or 98.

Our management is not convinced that releasing open source developpement early and often is something else than a waste of time.

I'm quite bored with this point of view, that's why I've decided to take enough time to clean and document our tools hoping someone else needs them and will use them.

We can say that I didn't take enough time to see if another program was doing the same thing nowadays.

I'll take a look at "softlimit" and will try to merge ctk-ulimitw differences (if any). I think ctk-ulimitw must die, I'll hope there won't be any trouble with the non-license used by deamontools.

Btw, I'm about to release a wrapper with a load average limit we have done and used for several years, is it another weel-invention ?

04 Feb 2001 09:48 julian7

DJB's Daemontools
has an utility called 'softlimit' which has the
same functionality. It's a mature, stable piece of


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