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Ctalk adds classes, methods, operator overloading, inheritance, and complex object expressions to otherwise standard C programs. Programs can use only a few Ctalk objects and methods in an otherwise standard C program, but the language can be used to write entire programs also. Ctalk works on most if not all of the systems that support GCC, the GNU C compiler. The package includes the language, class and run-time libraries, example programs, tutorial, and language reference.

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  •  17 Apr 2014 19:28

    Release Notes: This release adds the ability to overload methods with different numbers of arguments, and also many internal updates, especially to improve the language's ability to translate objects between C and Ctalk, as well as improve compatibility with older compilers. It fixes minor bugs and adds minor performance and ease-of-use improvements.

    •  05 Apr 2014 22:49

      Release Notes: This release contains minor changes to make the translation between Ctalk and C more consistent, adds checks for circular class searches as well as cases where the self keyword is used within a function, and contains several other minor bugfixes.

      •  29 Mar 2014 00:50

        Release Notes: This release adds method caching and preloading for significantly improved compiler throughput, and additional, minor performance improvements in the run time libraries. It also contains many internal updates for compatibility with recent GCC compilers.

        •  03 Mar 2014 20:26

          Release Notes: This is an interim release that consists mostly of compatibility updates for recent GNU C compilers and includes some minor performance and ease-of-use improvements.

          •  19 Jun 2012 21:43

            Release Notes: This release adds support for the GNU Readline libraries, ctpp 1.0.69, and contains the usual minor updates to the language.


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