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cstat is a tool to gather real-time statistics from Cube and Cube engine 2 game servers and output text, ANSI, and XML. Supported games are Cube, Sauerbraten, AssaultCube, and Blood Frontier.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  25 Feb 2010 23:11

    Release Notes: Updated to the protocol changes of the master servers.

    •  04 Jan 2009 16:38

    Release Notes: AssaultCube support was updated. Sauerbraten support (CTF Edition) was updated. Blood Frontier support was updated.

    •  10 Jun 2008 20:09

    Release Notes: This release adds the options -R to fetch and display server rules, -u to only display servers that are up, --nf (do not display full servers) and --ne (do not display empty servers), and --nh (do not display header line).

    •  30 May 2008 23:30

    Release Notes: This release adds an example of how to embed the XML output of cstat into an Internet site using PHP.

    •  28 May 2008 17:23

    Release Notes: Blood Frontier support has been fixed. More server info has been added to the output.


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