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  •  17 Dec 2006 13:13

Release Notes: This release contains a new viewer for PGN files. Printing, replaying, and exporting is supported. Try it with the csviewer command.

  •  22 Aug 2004 06:16

Release Notes: This version has a lot of improvements. UI options now help you customize the look of CSBoard. All user preferences are now stored in GConf. And the Most importantly, the Crafty and Phalanx engines are now supported (via GConf key).

  •  09 Jun 2004 10:23

Release Notes: Improvements are: a build process with autotools, keyboard navigation, GNOME integration like support for the .pgn MIME type, icons, and documentation. Internationalization has also been started. A Russian translation is already in place.

  •  27 May 2004 08:52

Release Notes: New features include figure dragging, usage of GTK 2.4 file dialogs, hints and book opening, level adjustment, session autosaving, and returning to saved state. The requirements are mono, gnuchess 5.07, and GTK 2.4.

  •  19 May 2004 20:16

Release Notes: Internal structure changes were made, including the interface for various backends. The ability to switch sides and play black was added. Draw handling was fixed. Note that you need gnuchess 5.07 to play csboard properly.


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