Version 3.6.3 of CryptoHeaven

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to increase font size for message viewing and composing, adds an info status bar to better communicate warning/error messages, changes rendering of timestamps, and has various other cosmetic improvements.

Other releases

Release Notes: Addition of recipient's 'Read' timestamp to chat messages. Fixes access trace of messages/files to reliably show all records.

Release Notes: An enhanced secure random number generator that incorporates sha256 secure hashing for creating symmetric keys. Simplifies sending to regular email addresses. Better copy and paste support in table views. Fixes flickering while performing drag and drop. Fixes a bug in the choosing of file attachments. Better support for clicks on encoded URLs, and support for new manifest permissions attributes.

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release focusing on stability and performance.

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release focusing on stability and encrypted file transfer performance.

Release Notes: This release improved stability on intermittent connections and cellular networks. The chat window received cosmetic changes. Occasional issues with downloading files created on Mac OS X into Windows were fixed. Some repetitive online/offline notifications were cleaned up.


Project Spotlight


A tool which edits and replays captured network traffic back onto the wire.


Project Spotlight


A recovery tool for lzip files.