Version 1.9.0-1 of Crossfire

Release Notes: This release contains numerous minor changes, stability enhancements, and bugfixes. Some of the major changes include shop specialization and new transports. Shops no longer all give the same prices, instead varying prices based on what they normally deal with. Also added were ships that can be controlled by the player as a new mode of exploration and transportation.

Other releases

  •  11 Apr 2014 19:53

Release Notes: This release adds per-character keybindings in the GTKv2 client, fixes for sound support in the GTKv2 client, retirement of the "crossfire-config" build parameter dumper, new pixmaps for many objects (including jewelry), faster server input parsing, and many bugfixes.

  •  10 Nov 2012 06:52

    Release Notes: Numerous bugs were fixed, without any major changes. Quests and maps were updated, fixing various typos and grammar errors. The probe spell now displays HP bars on monsters when cast at a high enough level. Altars are now animated on god intervention. Additional knowledge tracking was provided. There were also graphic updates and new images.

    Release Notes: The World Map has been updated with new maps, along with various bugfixes and patches. Cosmetic improvements, dialog corrections, and clean-up are also included.

    Release Notes: The GTK-v1 Client release contains minor improvements, numerous stability, enhancements and bugfixes. The GTK-v2 Client release contains minor improvements, numerous stability enhancements, and bugfixes. Some of the major changes include a progress bar to display experience, and Partial Resistance (PR) information within the client now updates properly.

    •  22 Apr 2007 17:19

    Release Notes: This release includes numerous bugfixes and stability enhancements, along with many minor changes and improvements. Some of the major changes include new protocol commands so the client can get data it didn't have before, tweaks/adjustments to several races and classes, and a lot of code cleanup. This release removes old/unused code and has fixes for diagnosed crashes. This is the first official release since the migration from CVS to Subversion.


    Project Spotlight


    A simple Innovation3d file loader.


    Project Spotlight

    GNU Wget

    A network utility for downloading content from the Web.