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Cromfs is a compressed read-only filesystem for Linux. Cromfs is best at archiving gigabytes of big files that have a lot of redundancy. It aims primarily at achieving a strong compression, even at the cost of memory and CPU time resources. It uses the LZMA compression algorithm from 7-zip and block merging.

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RSS Recent releases

  •  29 Jul 2011 21:37

    Release Notes: This release fixes several compilation problems on gcc 4.6, and a few potential malfunction bugs in mkcromfs.

    Release Notes: This version has some compilation fixes. Also, the memory efficiency in mkcromfs was tuned.

    •  19 Mar 2009 15:47

      Release Notes: This release fixes a crashing bug in mkcromfs relating to storing decompressed temporary fblock files.

      •  14 Mar 2009 19:04

      Release Notes: This release fixes compilation on some systems.

      •  13 Mar 2009 13:28

      Release Notes: This release fixes some minor bugs and improves the performance of mkcromfs significantly in many aspects.


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