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CRM114 Discriminator

CRM114 is a Controllable Regex Mutilator and Smart Filter, designed for easy creation of filters for things like incoming email redirection, spam filtering, system logs, or monitoring processes. Filtering rules can be either hard-coded (such as regexes), soft-coded (calculated at runtime or read from an external file or process), or learned dynamically by phrase matching (as in Bayesian filtering, Markovian matching, Winnowing, or Hyperspatial classification). This makes it possible to create very accurate filters with very little actual work. Accuracies over 99.9% are achievable.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Jul 2006 17:58

    Release Notes: This version makes OSB classification, mailreaver, and reavercacheing the default configuration, along with an improved learning system (mailtrainer.crm) for faster convergence and higher accuracy. There have been a few edge-condition bugs squashed, and the documentation has been updated as well. This is the recommended version for all new and upgrade installs.

    •  05 Oct 2005 14:54

      Release Notes: A TRANSLATE statement was added, which allows tr()-like transformations of strings but with more power, including downward ranges, repeated ranges, deletion, uniquing, and unique-before-transform. This is very useful for people working on microspams and non-English spams. The QUICKREF, FAQ, and Big Book were improved, and documentation was added with recommendations for Asian languages.

      •  21 May 2005 15:35

        Release Notes: This is a documentation release; a draft PDF of the book CRM114 Revealed (.pdf.gz, 240 pages) is now available for download. BlameMercury has lots of bugfixes and only three extensions. You can now demonize minions onto pipes, re-execute failing commands from a TRAP finish, and use a regex directly as a var-restriction subscripting action, so [ :my_var: /abc.*xyz/ ] gets you the matching substring in :my_var:. Var-restriction matches do not change the "previous MATCH" data on a variable.

        •  20 Apr 2005 16:32

          Release Notes: Math expressions can now set whether they are algebraic or RPN with a leading A or N. Listings are now controllable with -l N, from simple pretty-printing to full JIT parsing. A bug in the microgroomer was fixed in Markovian, OSB, and Winnow learners. The dependency on formail (part of procmail) in the default mailfilter.crm has been removed. Minor bugs have been fixed and minor speedups were added. Cached .css mapping speedup was activated. Win32 mmap adapters were inserted.

          •  01 Jan 2005 23:19

            Release Notes: SYSCALL can now locally fork. OSBF is in and solid. MICROGROOM is smarter. The LEARN memory leak has been plugged. :@:math can now do exponential notation and e,E,f,F,g,G formatting. WINDOW now has BYCHUNK for maximum speed. CALL/RETURN now work better. Several little bugfixes were made, and the documentation has been brought up to match the code.


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