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CRM is a very powerful filtering and mutilation language based on regex operations. It is capable of classifying mail messages, syslogs, firewall logs, and other incoming streams of unbounded length. It has a very powerful sparse-spectral learning capability; given examples of multiple classes (say, business email, jokes, and spam), it can learn to discriminate the classes.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Oct 2002 16:47

    Release Notes: Speedups were made, and an overflow problem for those with very large internally generated buffers has been fixed. The .css files for spam filtering have further learning in them and are now approaching a level of accuracy close to the author's own accuracy in determining spam v. nonspam

    •  07 Sep 2002 04:47

      Release Notes: Improvements in spam tagging and mail system integration, better sparse spectra files for the Bayesian sorter, a cssutil utility to manage the css (Crm Sparse Spectra) files, and numerous bugfixes and de-idiotifications. Currently, the accuracy on the author's spam mix is 99.7%+, with feedback to the learning system required only when the system makes the occasional error.

      •  17 Aug 2002 08:55

        Release Notes: This release contains the long-awaited sparse spectral mail filter, which is a learning filter based on Bayesian classification of phrases. It allows users to submit things they consider "blacklist", "whitelist", "spam", and "nonspam" just by mailing to themselves with a control password. Baseline setup files are included for user mode installation. Additional functionality and an embarrassingly large number of bugfixes are other bonuses.

        •  02 Jul 2002 16:26

          Release Notes: More features were added. A bug in the WINDOW code and another bug in the preprocessor were fixed.

          •  27 Jun 2002 14:36

            Release Notes: New features include separate submatchings for each captured variable, much faster windowing, an explicit default window named :_data_window_:, and latent code for auto-resizing window buffers as needed. Examples are now more explicit and a whole slew of regression tests are included.


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