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Critterding is a "Petri dish" universe in 3D that demonstrates evolving artificial life. Critters start out with completely random brains and bodies, but will automatically start evolving into something with much better survival skills.

Operating Systems

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  •  04 Oct 2013 03:28

Release Notes: This release adds wavefront obj maps, textures, normal mapping, and critter cameras. Windows executables are available again.

  •  24 Apr 2013 21:11

Release Notes: This release adds compilation and installation fixes, bzip2 on critters, OpenMP as an option, and a critter exchange fix.

  •  15 Apr 2013 12:34

Release Notes: This is a complete overhaul of critterding, improving critters' brains and bodies most notably. Other improvements include threading, permille mutationrates, autotools replaced by cmake, updated and statically linked Bullet Physics, code cleanups, fixes, and performance tweaks.

  •  06 Mar 2010 10:36

Release Notes: Critter selection and actions (kill, duplicate), new panels (neural net brainviewer, HUD, species list), an optional round planet world, headless mode, optional critter vision using raycasting, and more.

Release Notes: This release has an improved graphical user interface with new settings panels, an exit panel, and a critters vs food graph. It adds a few more body mutations. There are numerous other improvements, fixes, and cleanups.


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A C++ wrapper around the OpenGL C API.


Project Spotlight


An interface library to access tags for identifying languages.