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Crimson Fields

Crimson Fields is a tactical war game in the tradition of Battle Isle. Mission objectives range from defending strategically vital locations to simply destroying all enemy forces in the area. Tools are available to create custom maps and campaigns. The original Battle Isle maps can be played if the player has a copy of the game files.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  13 Dec 2007 10:32

Release Notes: Graphical effects were added when moving or targetting units, and French and Polish translations were extended to 100% coverage.

  •  23 Jan 2007 14:40

Release Notes: This release fixes campaign mode, improves handling of network errors, and adds two more maps and partial Italian and Serbian translations.

  •  08 Dec 2006 13:18

Release Notes: This release adds TCP/IP networking support, another mission for the Yalwa campaign, a new event type, some more tiles, and a partial Hungarian translation.

  •  15 Oct 2005 13:17

Release Notes: Another tutorial mission and a crystals trigger for mappers have been added. The mechanism for loading crystals has been changed, and a major bug which could make shops inaccessible has been fixed.

  •  10 Jun 2005 02:40

Release Notes: This release includes another tutorial mission. Transporters are now allowed to be loaded inside shops/transporters. A few smaller enhancements and fixes were made.


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