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  •  08 Feb 2012 22:41

Release Notes: This release fixes the problem with Twitter consumer keys.

  •  21 Jun 2011 21:12

Release Notes: This release adds support for instagram photos included in tweets.

  •  08 Apr 2011 21:42

Release Notes: This release adds Gowalla support. It fixes a bug that produced false positives with locations at (0,0). It fixes a couple of packaging bugs in the Windows version. It has been packaged for Ubuntu Lucid ( 10.04 ).

  •  22 Mar 2011 04:36

Release Notes: This released fixed a bug in location retrieval through foursquare that caused errors in the coordinates retrieved. A function was added for removing duplicate locations from the presented list.

  •  15 Mar 2011 00:31

Release Notes: Bugfixes in the export functions. Changes in some error messages.

  •  22 Feb 2011 22:28

Release Notes: This release adds a feature to export retrieved locations as kmz files (opens in Google Earth and Google Maps) . It adds a progress bar for the retrieval process. It adds a help menu.

  •  18 Feb 2011 21:58

Release Notes: The user interface has been updated to be more intuitive. A repository has been created for backtrack users. Code has been added to support the pyexiv2 0.1 branch, meaning there is no need to install it from PPAs. This is the most stable release to date.

  •  17 Feb 2011 05:45

Release Notes: A bug in the Exif metadata retrieval process was fixed. The Windows version is now stable, as a problem that caused random crashes was identified and dealt with.

  •  14 Feb 2011 21:49

Release Notes: Significantly improved error handling and error signaling in the user interface. The Windows executable is built again against a new GTK+ install, which will hopefully decrease random crashes. An icon has been added to the application.

  •  13 Feb 2011 15:09

Release Notes: Support was added for more map providers. The default now is Google Maps' satellite view. Minor bugs were fixed. A right-click context menu was added on the locations list to provide the option to copy coordinates in a clipboard or open the location in a browser (for Google Maps). A Windows installer was added.


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