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CRDB is an ORM class for PHP that lets you access MySQL databases with a minimum amount of code.


Recent releases

  •  11 Feb 2011 02:32

    Release Notes: A bug that causes bad SQL when using or() and start_group()/_where() together was fixed. A bug that causes queries to run twice was fixed. A bug in the _set_link function was fixed. Notice was added in case of a nonexistent table during insert. Object support for `group_by` was added to include MySQL functions. Custom result columns were added. Echo was added for debugging queries.

    Recent comments

    22 Mar 2009 03:49 sandeep529

    This is a ORM Class the makes accessing MySQL databases with a minimum amount of code.Some usage examples are

    $crdb->user=array('name'=>'Tony','Age'=>26) //inserts a new row to table `user`

    $user_name=$crdb->user(10)->name; // gets the `name` columns from row with primary key value 10 ,from table user .

    And much more like this for update , join operations....


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