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Conquest: Divide and Conquer

Conquest is a simultaneously-executed turn-based tactical combat game placed in a dark and distant future. Play the role of a futuristic commander. Divide your armies and conquer the world. Position satellites to reveal your opponents. Launch missiles to annihilate big armies, but watch out for incoming drop pods behind your back. Standing in your path to victory are other commanders like yourself. Fight them off one by one and prove you are the greatest of the great. The combination of fast gameplay and randomly generated maps equals intense, restless nights of battles for cities. Drag and drop your way to victory.

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Pandora Released, Conquest Free Friend Copies 20 Mar 2014


I'm delighted to inform you that we've been hard at work on our new 4X strategy game, Pandora, and that it has been released! You ca...

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  •  29 Dec 2011 22:27

    Release Notes: This is a minor update, primarily adding better language support, a French translation,and some of the most-requested tweaks.

    •  05 Feb 2011 18:18

      Release Notes: This release fixes anti-aliasing on Linux and freshens the the underlying video and scene systems.

      •  16 Jan 2011 22:25

        Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release.

        •  07 Jan 2011 23:01

          Release Notes: This release adds end-turn animation replay functionality and other minor fixes and tweaks.

          •  01 Jan 2011 17:29

            Release Notes: This release focuses on improving the user experience by adding end-turn animations and other presentation enhancements. Offline play has also been added.

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            01 Jan 2012 12:31 god64 Thumbs up

            Interesting concept.

            @bequick: It is not open source, as it clearly says besides the big label named 'Licenses' which every software on freshmeat has (yeah i still call it freshmeat, the new name sucks). You should remove your rating, it is not fair, to rate software down for having obvious trouble with your eyes.

            07 Feb 2011 11:38 Avatar SephiRok Thumbs up

            bequick: Does it say somewhere that it is?

            06 Feb 2011 02:05 bequick Thumbs down

            I did't find the source code. Is it really Open Source?


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