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CpuMon monitors the CPU activity of a multi-core machine. The tools provide an effective load report useful for debugging real-time software on standard Linux operating systems.

Operating Systems

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  •  17 Feb 2014 14:23

    Release Notes: This release adds support for laptop variable clock speed, and handles multiple OSes and multiple make versions auto-magically (ports on FreeBSD and NetBSD, and a tentative port on Syllable). It also fixes bogus calibration.

    •  19 Dec 2013 02:47

      Release Notes: This release adds support for Intel hyperthreading CPUs (without calibration) and a new option to limit monitoring duration.

      •  17 Nov 2013 23:15

        Release Notes: This release is a complete rewrite of ancient tools to simplify and correct biased estimates. Moreover, this is the first public release.

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        22 Nov 2013 20:43 Avatar mazet Thumbs up

        Ops, you're right. Two files are missing in the tarball. I've just update it, so you can have a second try :-).

        18 Nov 2013 14:07 anika200

        I am getting a make error on openSUSE 12.3.
        [CODE]lee@linux-aa3c:~/Downloads/cpumon-2.0> make
        cc -Wall -W -Wextra -Werror -g -O0 cpumon.c -c -o cpumon.o
        cpumon.c:37:19: fatal error: rdtsc.h: No such file or directory
        compilation terminated.
        make: *** [cpumon.o] Error 1
        lee@linux-aa3c:~/Downloads/cpumon-2.0> ./make
        bash: ./make: No such file or directory
        lee@linux-aa3c:~/Downloads/cpumon-2.0> ls
        COPYING cpumon.1 cpumon.c load.c makefile README todo.txt
        lee@linux-aa3c:~/Downloads/cpumon-2.0> su


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