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cpulimit is a simple program that attempts to limit the CPU usage of a process (expressed in percentage, not in CPU time). This is useful to control batch jobs when you don't want they eat too much CPU. It does not act on the nice value or other scheduling priority details, but on the real CPU usage. Also, it is able to adapt itself to the overall system load, dynamically and quickly.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Jun 2012 21:33

    Release Notes: CPUlimit can now launch programs appended to its commandline. It will attempt to automatically detect the number of cores/CPUs on a machine, but this guess may be overridden by the user. CPUlimit will no longer attempt to throttle itself. Changing the priority of CPUlimit is now more flexible and occurs less often.

    •  20 Feb 2012 21:09

      Release Notes: This release updates the documentation. It also includes an update to the Makefile which attempts to use the system's default compiler, rather than hardcode a specific compiler.

      •  13 Aug 2011 15:39

        Release Notes: CPUlimit can now handle limiting CPU usage on multi-core systems, giving the user the option to set limits above 100%. Error checking is now in place to avoid memory errors if CPUlimit cannot read the proc file system.

        •  12 May 2011 12:36

          Release Notes: This version brings CPUlimit up to date with patches and bug fixes from various distributions. The program now exits when it's targeting a specific PID and that process no longer exists. A manual page (man cpulimit) was added, along with a formal license file.

          •  08 Jan 2007 06:02

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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