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  •  24 Jan 2014 03:59

    Release Notes: This release adds new flags, primarily from 0x7 leaf, and fixes minor bugs.

    •  13 Jan 2014 23:52

    Release Notes: This release adds synth decoding for new processors, new decoding for Intel CPUID leaves & fields, and new instruction support for synthetic leaf, particularly for PREFETCH.

    •  10 Jun 2013 14:45

    Release Notes: This release adds mention of Opteron 3200 (Zurich) chips, accidentally omitted from yesterday's updates.

    •  09 Jun 2013 22:41

    Release Notes: This release decodes new Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Piledriver, and Steamroller processors, and a few others. It fixes some bugs related to hypervisor leaves. It adds sanity checks for garbage responses on certain CPUID leaves.

    •  01 Jun 2012 21:56

    Release Notes: This release recognizes new features flags, decodes new Atoms, new Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, AMD Llano, and a few others, decodes some older VIA, Vortex, and RDC chips, and fixes an Irwindale recognition bug.

    •  25 Feb 2012 21:59

    Release Notes: This release supports hypervisor functions, and supports decoding Intel Westmere-EX, AMD Bulldozer, and Lincroft chips, and some additional steppings of older chips.

    •  05 Mar 2011 19:48

    Release Notes: Support was added for various new flags published in Jan 2011, including PCIDs & TSC-DEADLINE. Support was added for 2nd Gen Core (Sandy Bridge) chips, AMD family 14h chips, and some older Celerons.

    •  02 Oct 2010 17:10

    Release Notes: Intel Atom N500, Tolapai, and some Clarkdale processors are supported. AMD Geode is supported. AMD chip brand names can be deduced when the BIOS is too old to do so (and identification can be based off this). Transmeta-specific register fields were added. AMD brand decoding bugs were corrected. Transmeta processor revisions were corrected.

    •  02 Sep 2010 23:33

    Release Notes: This release fixes a few header strings that had incorrect function hex codes or registers.

    •  01 Sep 2010 23:19

    Release Notes: This release fixes a bug with the -f option and new-style dumps. It adds a few chips to the synth field. It corrects a build problem on x86_64 with -O2. An x86_64 version has been released.


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