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  •  22 Sep 2003 03:00

Release Notes: It is now possible to violate POSIX naming conventions (for use with Samba) with the -o switch. User operations now work exactly the same way as the GNU shadow-utils with respect to groups. When a user is deleted they are now removed from any secondary groups they were in. When a user's secondary groups are modified, they are removed from old secondary groups and added to new secondary groups. When a user's primary group is changed they are no longer added to that group via a memberUid. Several bugfixes were also made.

  •  16 May 2003 13:54

Release Notes: TLS for LDAP has been added. There are also lots of bugfixes, POSIX support for user and group names, and LDIF support for additional user attributes.

  •  18 Feb 2003 04:38

Release Notes: The program was completely rewritten and now includes a random password generator and optional cracklib password checking. The cat function now displays groups as well as users. When specifying the -G group1,group2,... option during an LDAP useradd, CPU will search for those groups in the directory and add the user to those groups.


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