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Cpsed is a Linux OpenGL 3D scene editor built with the Qt library. It allows the user to import .3ds model files and to position, rotate, and scale each of them. The 3ds loader also loads the textures in JPEG, BMP, or TGA format. The DFF Renderware format is also supported. The save file format is pure ASCII with comma separated values.

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Recent releases

  •  29 Nov 2004 12:11

    Release Notes: In this version, the window has a nice toolbar with pretty icons. It is now possible to choose the insert point of the models when just loaded instead of the default position (0,0,0). There is an undo/redo ability. The camera position is saved with the scene and restored when the scene is loaded. A default camera viewpoint can now be set. When a model is deleted its name and ID now appear in the status bar. There is now the ability to change the model's loading path before saving the scene. The name of the current scene now appears in the window title bar.

    •  03 Nov 2004 11:43

      Release Notes: This version increased camera zoom factor when using the mouse wheel. The camera can now be moved with mouse to ease the positioning of models into the scene. A a bug on inserting the models after deleting one or some of them was fixed, as was a bug when two or more same models were on the scene: when deleting one model while an equal one was still into the scene, the textures were also wrongly deleted.

      •  26 Oct 2004 10:01

        Release Notes: DFF RenderWare support added with texture loading, and basic light was added in the scene. std::string is now used for better handling of strings in the TextureLoader class. A small bug with setting the scale when loading the scene was fixed along with a problem in the handling of the vector array containing the coordinates. Targa images compressed with the RLE algorithm are now supported.

        •  23 Sep 2004 16:53

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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