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Cpptools is a set of C/C++ development tools. This package contains a C++ scanning class coded both in C++ and Python. is the Finite State Machine diagrammer which uses @FSM comment tags inside sourcefiles. parses C/C++ sourcefiles and generates a graphical dependency tree using Graphviz, and scans sourcefiles and generates a highlighted HTML version.

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Recent releases

  •  28 Sep 2004 06:34

    Release Notes: This version was completely rewritten, and now correctly identifies float numbers beginning with ".". A script was created which shows how the compiler's lexical analyzer breaks a program into pieces (tokens).

    •  17 Sep 2003 22:26

      Release Notes: This release introduces two new tools. CppBinHierarchy scans library files (both .so and .a), object files, and executable files to generate a graphic showing dependencies among them. CppComment scans source files and translates C comments to C++, C++ comments to C, or replaces them with a single space (strip).

      •  27 Aug 2003 13:43

        Release Notes: This release features cpptools' manual in PDF and CppText which generates a C++ program to output textfiles. It is very useful to implement generators, CGIs, and filters. Some new minor features were added.

        •  02 Aug 2003 23:10

          Release Notes: This release features CppRename, the project's first refactoring tool. It renames identifiers (classes, functions, variables) while preserving comments and strings from changing. CppGprof2Dot, which generates execution call-tree for profiled executables, was added, along with some minor new features.

          •  19 Jul 2003 15:24

            Release Notes: This release introduces, the Finite State Machine diagrammer which uses @FSM comment tags inside sourcefiles, and, which parses source-code and generates a graphical dependency tree. Both tools use Graphviz to render image files. A minor bug in was also fixed.


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