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Tero's C++ Scripting

Tero's C++ Scripting lets you write your C++ program in a text file that can be executed directly as "./".

Operating Systems

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  •  13 Sep 2007 01:35

Release Notes: If required, #includes, main(), and return EXIT_SUCCESS are now added to the script.

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13 Sep 2007 02:31 karvinen

Re: Similar project
Thanks for the link. However, ccsh is for C, a different language. Tiny C Compiler tcc is another script-supporting compiler for C. However, I have not yet seen this done for C++.

Tero's C++ Scripting is for C++, a higher level language that is easier to learn than C.

13 Sep 2007 02:03 daeghnao

Similar project
There are probably many attempts at this sort of thing, but this one looks pretty comprehensive. I remember ccsh from 1999, it does the same sort of thing but with much less finesse.


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