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CppSpec is a behavior-driven development (BDD) framework for C++. It provides a framework for writing specifications of how your software should behave.


Recent releases

  •  07 Aug 2008 20:07

    Release Notes: Greatly improved messages for failures. A CUTE logger for usage with the CUTE Eclipse plugin. Specification execution time measurements have been improved. Build fixes for Visual C++. install and CPack targets to enable the make install target and creation of binary distribution packages. Bugfixes.

    •  12 Jul 2008 16:00

      Release Notes: JUnit logger enhancements were made. The specification now takes the concrete subclass as a template parameter due to createContext and destroyContext overloading. Specifications do not depend on Boost anymore. Tests are not compiled by default. There were various bugfixes and internal refactorings.

      •  05 Feb 2008 15:25

        Release Notes: JUnit compliant logger is included for easier use in continuous integration environments. Exception handling has been rewritten to be more intuitive and less verbose. A virtual destroyContext method has been added to Specification to allow other cleanup methods than a destructor call. Lots of internal refactorings were also included.

        •  23 Dec 2007 08:17

          Release Notes: This first release supports expectations, exception handling, STL container support, and regular expression support.


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