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Complex Project Manager is a project planing and management engine. It is designed to support real live project management that allows the user to manage many projects. It handles concurrencies for resources between projects and special days (such as official holidays, vacations, times for machine maintenance, and days with different working hours). It is not intented to be a project reporting tool.

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Recent releases

  •  24 Aug 2004 15:12

    Release Notes: This project has reached an alpha state. The engine runs with reasonable stability and simulates the test and sample projects. The goal of the project is now to implement a project simulation and management software.

    •  05 May 2004 15:52

      Release Notes: Most of the helper objects have been implemented, and the focus of development will shift to the engine now. At the moment, it is not working yet, but it provides a good view onto the concepts and goals of this project.

      Recent comments

      28 Nov 2005 04:27 wagnerw

      Engine gets Application
      With the growing complexity of the engine, it became necessary to start writing an application to edit projects and view simulation results.

      This is going on for several month now. In CVS you find a first prototype which displays the results in a table. Screenshots are available on our project page at sourceforge.

      Currently this table oriented result output is being changed to be replaced to GANTT like display. Implementation is going on. I will check it in as soon as there is something runable.

      Next target is to have an application which allows to edit projects in flow charts (exists), manage them in a control center, which displays the projects in GANTT like manner and delivers editors for resources, etc...

      In short, next target is a first, usable application.

      Wolfram Wagner

      02 Jun 2004 04:19 wagnerw

      Pre-Alpha Tests are running
      We have started the engines pre-alpha tests and the engine is improving day by day.

      Most recent change was the implementation of "Generic Calendar Entries". With them an "GenericSpecialDay" objects you can define default workday as well as the special days (vacations, different working hours, weekends) in a much easier, better way. As a positiv side effect we have got a much clearer design.

      As we make progress it becomes clear that this new way of handling the project management by simulation requires a new kind of a front end. We thought that it's enough to integrate the engine in an existing tool. That will work too, but does not really give you all the possibilities that exist.

      So we have started to collect the requirements and ideas for that front end. It is likely that we will start a follow up project that implements it. So if you are a Java developer, expierienced in GUI design, networking, server-client architecture and if you are willing to help us making the CPManager the best possible tool for real project planning, please take a closer look into our concepts, code and contact us!

      The latest code is always available in CVS at our SF website.

      Wolfram Wagner


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