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C-Pluff is a plug-in framework for C programs. It has been strongly inspired by the Java plug-in framework in Eclipse. C-Pluff focuses on providing core services for plug-in interaction and plug-in management. It aims to be platform neutral and supports dynamic changes to plug-in configuration without stopping the whole application or framework. It does not yet provide special facilities for distribution such as signed plug-in packages or remote plug-in repositories, but it is possible to build such features on top of the current framework.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Apr 2007 16:15

    Release Notes: This release fixes a couple of bugs mostly relevant to the Windows platform (Windows multi-threading and libltdl support) and adds better Windows packaging support, including a Visual C based build environment for the example applications. It also includes some minor changes to the general implementation and source tree organization. There are no changes to the API.

    •  28 Mar 2007 12:16

      Release Notes: This release includes some bugfixes to the library, documentation, build system, and Debian packaging. It also includes support for internationalization which was accidentally left out from the previous release. Library and documentation bugs related to the handling of plug-in dependency loops were fixed. Installation now includes example source code and a stand-alone build environment for the example application.

      •  18 Mar 2007 23:58

        Release Notes: This version includes more complete documentation and a simple example of an extensible application based on C-Pluff. The example source code is a good starting point for learning how to develop C-Pluff based applications. This release also includes some bugfixes.

        •  14 Mar 2007 14:20

          Release Notes: This is the initial release. It includes complete source code for the initial implementation, known to compile on Linux with GCC and with MinGW. It also includes reference documentation for various API elements, but higher level documentation is not included yet.


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