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Cowsay is the easy way to add speaking and thinking cows (and a few other creatures) to anything. Any message you like, even in large figlet letters, can be rattled off by these ASCII critters. Cowsay comes with over 40 creatures that can be bent to your sick and twisted will. New "cows" can be easily bred by those versed in the appropriate dark arts. Cowsay is more useful than most of the items found in SkyMall catalogues, and a lot less expensive.


Recent releases

  •  28 May 2000 07:27

    Release Notes: One new cow, one renamed cow, and a tweak to get it to work with Perl 5.6.0.

    •  04 Nov 1999 22:15

      Release Notes: The -l switch works correctly.

      •  02 Nov 1999 09:43

        Release Notes: A compatibility bug when Text::Wrap changed between Perl 5.005_02 and 5.005_03 was fixed; it should now work with either. Stupid installer bug exacerbated by Solaris is now fixed. Tab handling is greatly improved when running with -n flag.

        •  26 Oct 1999 00:23

          Release Notes: Cowsay now includes code that the author isn't totally embarassed to show to the world, as well as many cows and an actual manual page.

          Recent comments

          05 Nov 1999 00:35 surak

          As a Berkeley student, I really appreciate the TeleBEARS cow file. That made my day. :^)


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