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Release Notes: This release adds a new directory "php" (which holds all of Cottage's PHP library files), new test applications (please note that they need PHP and MySQL support in your Web server), and bugfixes.

Release Notes: The code for initializing IEWebGL was updated. A new Quaternion class and a wgl-quaternion-test.html test application was added. Many new predefined presets for modifier, item, and ability were added to the corresponding generators in Cottage Designer. Experiments on the internationalization and localization system are beginning to take shape. There were some bugfixes, code cleanups, and documentation fixes.

Release Notes: More tutorials were added. A new mapper (Character ➜ Save-Point mapper) was added in Cottage Designer. The Application, GameRules, and GameStates were improved. The 'application-test.html' test application was improved (from now on, games can only be saved at save points). There were some minor bugfixes and code cleanups.

Release Notes: New global functions, isArray() and formatStdExceptionToHTML(), were added. New game-rules related classes were added: GRModifier, GREquipment, GRItem, GRAbility, GRPlayer, GRFoe, GRCharPlayerMap, and GRCharFoeMap. All exceptions are now thrown using the JavaScript Error objects. A new test application, 'grules-object-test.html', was added. New editors are now available in Cottage Designer: State-Trait Modifier, Equipment, Item, Ability, Player, Foe, Map Character to Player, and Map Character to Foe.

Release Notes: New editors are now available in Cottage Designer: Battle-Effect Manager, Battle-Formation Manager, Site Manager, World Map Manager, Default Sound Specification, Default Image Specification. Two methods, getCurrentSiteCoordinateXY and removeSite, were added in the WorldMapPresenter class. A new global function, getKeyCharCode, was added in the Cottage namespace.

Release Notes: The StatusPresenter class can now display small icons alongside the status text/bar, for indicating special statuses such as poisoned, confused, petrified, etc. Users can now use the Sprite class to render animated images directly to the canvas. New battle-related poses, CS_Paralyzed and CS_Petrified, were added. Two global functions were added: loadMultipleJS() and getBodyScrollPosXY(). The development of Cottage Designer, an application for managing and/or editing sounds, images, sprites, characters, scenes, sites, and world maps, was started. There were some bugfixes and optimizations.


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