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  •  29 Sep 2012 09:39

Release Notes: A new (DefAppText) member variable was added to the GameApplication class. A new test application, 'client-server-communication-test' was added. Some code and API documentation cleanups were included along with some bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release adds a new directory "php" (which holds all of Cottage's PHP library files), new test applications (please note that they need PHP and MySQL support in your Web server), and bugfixes.

Release Notes: The support for classic Internet Explorer (IE 8/7/older) via ExplorerCanvas has been completely removed. The GameApplication class has been improved. Cottage Designer has been improved.

Release Notes: The code for initializing IEWebGL was updated. A new Quaternion class and a wgl-quaternion-test.html test application was added. Many new predefined presets for modifier, item, and ability were added to the corresponding generators in Cottage Designer. Experiments on the internationalization and localization system are beginning to take shape. There were some bugfixes, code cleanups, and documentation fixes.

Release Notes: Experimental support for IEWebGL was added. Cottage Designer was improved. The Application, PatchRenderer, PatchRendererWGL, SceneManager, WorldMapPresenter, DialogPresenter, GameDialog, RSDBridge, GameStates, GSEnemy, and GREnemyList classes were improved. Some of test applications were improved. Some minor bug fixes, code cleanups, and documentation fixes were done.

Release Notes: A new class (FormationData) was added. The HttpRequest, GameStates, RSDBridge, GameDialog, DialogPresenter, and Application classes were improved. Two new global functions for showing and hiding a page-wide loader icon were added. The equipment, item, ability, NPC-shop, and NPC-story editors in Cottage Designer were also improved. A new test application was added; some others were improved. Other few minor improvements and bug and documentation fixes were done.

Release Notes: New GRCharNPCInnMap, GRCharNPCShopMap, GRCharNPCStoryMap, and GRCharNPCStoryMap classes were added. The GameRules, GameStates, RSDBridge, GameDialog, Sprite, StaticSpriteManager, DynamicSpriteManager, Application, and BasicTheme classes were improved (users may experience slight incompatibilities with the old API in the RSDBridge, GameDialog, and Application classes). Three new editors were included in Cottage Designer. Two test applications were also improved. A few minor bugs were fixed.

  •  04 Jul 2011 09:31

Release Notes: New classes (GRKeyItem and GRKeyItemList) were added. The RSDBridge, GameStates, and GameDialog classes were improved. New editors and mappers (NPC-Inn, NPC-Shop, NPC-Story, and Treasure-Box) were added in Cottage Designer. A user can now go to the previous page or the home page in memo box by pressing the backspace or home key. Some test applications were improved. Minor improvements in the tutorial and a few other minor bug fixes were done.

Release Notes: More tutorials were added. A new experimental common dialog (memo box) was added. A new minor class (MemoData) was also added to support the new common dialog. A new test application, "dialog-presenter-memo-test.html", was added. Some other minor improvements and bug fixes were made.

  •  14 May 2011 03:28

Release Notes: More tutorials were added. Filenames were refactored (the library's JavaScript files are no longer prefixed with 'cottage_'). Some minor bugs were fixed and a few improvements were made in the API documentation.


Project Spotlight


A Qt-based multimedia player.


Project Spotlight


A fully-featured launchd front-end for managing and debugging system and user services.