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Version 1.9.0-1 of Cottage

Release Notes: The HttpRequest and Application classes were improved. You can now specify fluid parameters from within Cottage Designer's scene editor. Some other bugfixes, code cleanups, and documentation fixes have been added.

Other releases

  •  29 Sep 2012 09:39

Release Notes: A new (DefAppText) member variable was added to the GameApplication class. A new test application, 'client-server-communication-test' was added. Some code and API documentation cleanups were included along with some bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release adds a new directory "php" (which holds all of Cottage's PHP library files), new test applications (please note that they need PHP and MySQL support in your Web server), and bugfixes.

  •  30 Jan 2012 00:19

Release Notes: This release adds minor code cleanups and bugfixes in the battle engine and the sound system, and minor code cleanups in Cottage Designer.

  •  06 Dec 2011 03:26

Release Notes: The BattleEngine class was improved. For short range actions, the source will now come (move instantly) to the target. A bug in Cottage Designer was fixed.

  •  23 Nov 2011 23:48

Release Notes: Some bugs in the battle engine were fixed.


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