Version 1.0 of Copter Commander

Other releases

  •  11 Feb 2002 18:00

Release Notes: Key focus and compilation issues have been fixed.

  •  12 Dec 2001 21:39

Release Notes: This is a preview release for the big 2.0 release. Many, many things have changed from version 1.0. The playable vehicles Battlemech and Cargo Copter and comptuer players have been added. One engineer may be carried by a copter. There is a new Gun Country level. The balloon factory building has been added. C-c will do a screen capture. Support has been added for the Experimental Generic Input Interface (GII). Background weather is controllable via a command line argument.

  •  05 Mar 2001 18:48

No changes have been submitted for this release.


Project Spotlight


A library for making high-quality scientific graphics.


Project Spotlight


A portable C implementation of the JBIG1 standard.