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17 Oct 2002 12:00 jtellis

Re: location of "Important directories"
New installation packages are being added to
make the install process easier.

Currently you can use ConsultComm's
InstallAnywhere installers for Mac, OS X, Linux
and Windows. ZIP archives are easy to use on any
platform, but should be easy to work with for OS
X and Windows users. Soon to be added are RPM
packages that I'm currently testing on SuSE and
RedHat. I'm also looking for an OS X package
maintainer, as the current development tools
that come with OS X evidentally has a very nice
utility for building native installers.

So in the end I hope to have six different
platform-specific installers, a ZIP archive so
you can just extract the files into a new
directory and run ConsultComm from there, and of
course the ever popular build-from-source.

> This project seems hard to install.

18 Apr 2002 09:22 jtellis

Re: location of "Important directories"
Here's some advice that might help:

1) The documentation is all placed in the docs/ directory of the distribution. The only piece that is not in the docs directory is the "Important Directories You Might Need to Know" portion, since it is different for every OS and distro out there.

2) If you are using a version of Java before 1.4, you need the Java XML Pack at For the easiest installation, however, just use Java 1.4.

3) Important directories are sometimes hard to find, but try to search for a directory named "ext" in the base Java installation directory. This is usually /usr/java/jdk1.3.1/jre/lib/ext in Linux, or C:\Java\jre\lib\ext in Windows.

4) Their are installers for Windows, Linux, OSX and MacOS available on the site. Check out for a list. The installers can do most of the work for you.

Sorry it has taken so long to fight with the installation - feel free to open a support request on the SourceForge site if you continue to have problems.

> This project seems hard to install.

18 Apr 2002 01:44 leonh

location of "Important directories"
This project seems hard to install.

The documentation advises
you to "See Important Directories You Might Need to Know ", but that link is broken ($APPATHS is not defined). It also asks you to look in the help menu, but if you don't have the jars installed, the app wont start and there is no help menu.

Current time expended on this (not completed) project (using pen and paper accounting method) = 3h. :)

Could the doc writer please give a bit more guidance as to what these important dirs are, and where they might be found.


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