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Consonance is a .NET/Gtk# client for the groupware server using the ZOGI API. It aims to support the complete feature set of the groupware server.


Recent releases

  •  31 Aug 2009 18:45

    Release Notes: A major overhaul of the zOGI protocol backend. Emphasis on stabilizing Contact and Enterprise operations, including the Contact CRUD window. Now caches entities using a simple in-memory hash table and LINQ.

    •  31 Dec 2007 16:35

      Release Notes: The Quartz.NET scheduler is included for managing periodic tasks such as appointment reminder pop-ups. A calendar UI has been created for the scheduler tab of the main window. Task lists load with less impact on application responsiveness. Numerous significant improvements were made to application stability.

      •  07 Sep 2007 20:31

        Release Notes: Performance and stability are dramatically improved. Contact and enterprises can be deleted, and assignments/unassignments propagate to related windows. The task list loads tasks as they are received from the server. Tasks, contacts, and enterprise tabs in the project window load contents.

        •  15 Aug 2007 07:52

          Release Notes: Editing contacts and enterprise and editing related assignments are operational.


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