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01 May 2004 13:44 mastodon

Development of a possible web interface for confstore
I've been considering the idea of a fully featured web interface version of confstore for a while now. Such an implementation would allow great flexibility and accessibility. Every backup would be logged automatically, users would be able to enter dates and see the configuration present at that time, backup data from the interface, view differences between various config files in seperate frames, have the added security of automatic md5 checksum verification and so much more. The possibilities are endless and I feel this is the way foward for confstore. The command line script version would continue to be developed aswell for those not interested in a web interface. However there are a lot of decisions to be made yet, for example, whether the web interface would also be in Perl or maybe PHP may lend a helping hand, and whether MySQL could be used to store various information about backups, maybe even actual configuration files. The reason I am posting about this is because I need confirmation that people would be interested in such a development. If there is little interest in this web interface then I will not waste my time coding it. If you have *any* interest, comments or suggestions regarding the possible web interface, please mail mastodon at

The future of confstore is in your hands!

27 Mar 2004 16:08 mastodon

Any suggestions regarding confstore are welcome so

please, if you find something missing from confstore,

mail me on and it may well be

implemented in the next release.

All suggestions/comments/criticisms are welcome,



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