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  •  09 May 2006 06:54

Release Notes: This release fixes the following bugs: the system backup feature raised an error and did not create a database backup, the email client raised errors when used with an IMAP server that did not support UTF-8 as a native encoding, and saving vcards from email messages raised an error when not all of the expected fields were present in the vcard.

  •  23 Apr 2006 13:04

Release Notes: This release fixes a few minor problems found in the release candidate, and improves the background daemon to more reasonably handle temporary database downtime.

Release Notes: This release fixes several problems found in the beta series, including classification editing for the superuser and shortcut links to Conflux objects.

  •  23 Nov 2005 14:25

Release Notes: The client view/edit form no longer suffers from performance problems related to a badly formed database query. Item shortcut links in the form of /conflux/ are handled correctly again. Compatibility problems with email servers that did not like text messages encoded as quoted-printable were resolved.

  •  15 Nov 2005 14:12

Release Notes: Compatibility problems with Internet Explorer (XmlHttp) and Conflux were resolved. The calendar no longer fails to display certain events if the time zone is not UTC. _Conf.HEADER_SERVERNAME_OVERRIDE is used correctly in generating the overriding server URL. Email attachments with long filenames can be opened correctly with Mozilla-based browsers. The resource view in Calendar no longer has problems when there are more than 7 resources. A package for Windows platforms is provided.

  •  24 Oct 2005 23:00

Release Notes: Compatibility problems with PostgreSQL 7.3 (including the Red Hat Database found in RHEL3) were solved. Errors in the Calendar module (Resouce Usage and weekly repeats) were fixed. A few missing translations were added. The Conflux background daemon now uses /var/tmp/ for creating PID files to avoid problems when /var/ and /tmp/ are located under different mount points. The Conflux automatic error notifications now include proper To and Subject fields to avoid getting blacklisted by spam filters.

  •  23 Aug 2005 10:20

Release Notes: Performance problems in object view forms related to relations have been fixed. Compatibility with various SMTP servers has been improved, so outgoing email messages no longer violate the 1000 characters per line limit defined in RFC-2821. Outgoing email messages that were created based on a draft email now correctly save to the Sent Items folder. Previously, while the messages were sent out correctly, an empty message was saved to the folder.

  •  16 Apr 2005 06:16

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs in organization editing, top-level choices management, and background daemon notifications. Users can subscribe to folders and receive notifications when the folder contents change, and events have a new "pop-up" reminder method. Email contents have been moved to a separate table to improve performance and disk usage, and serial workflow tasks have been changes to require completion in the order defined in the workflow.

  •  17 Oct 2004 18:41

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the calendar's Day View with PostgreSQL version 7.3.

  •  07 Oct 2004 11:41

Release Notes: This release introduces a new improved email interface and a Spanish translation. Multiple bugfixes were backported from the Professional version.


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