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  •  13 Mar 2009 13:09

Release Notes: Tests were fixed.

  •  04 Apr 2004 20:31

Release Notes: This release contains important new features and bugfixes, so all users are advised to upgrade. A stupid bug that prevented Config::Natural from running two objects was corrected. Config::Natural now supports arrays as values for parameters. The following functions have been added: value_of() (like param() but simpler) and param_tree() (which returns the ref of the internal tree). The documentation was updated.

  •  03 Nov 2003 12:56

Release Notes: Previously known as Data::Config, this module has been renamed to Config::Natural for inclusion on the CPAN. Changes since version 0.93 (the last version of Data::Config) include several new functionalities like an "include" statement, handling of directories, the write_source() method, filter support, and several bugfixes. This release has two bugfixes and adds several example scripts.

  •  04 Jul 2001 10:19

Release Notes: Small improvments were made. The documentation has been corrected and updated, and a stupid mistake in the packaging was corrected.

Release Notes: This release inlcudes support for nested loops, and a few minor clean-ups.


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Project Spotlight


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