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Config::Model::OpenSsh is a graphical configuration editor for OpenSSH configuration files (e.g. /etc/ssh/sshd_config, /etc/ssh/ssh_config, or ~/.ssh/config). Other user interfaces (curses and terminal) are also available. Programmers can choose to use the Perl API to modify or validate OpenSSH configuration. This program is based on Config::Model.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Jan 2014 10:55

    Release Notes: This release adds parameters supported by OpenSSH 6.4 (like AllowAgentForwarding). 'cme edit ssh|sshd|system-ssh' is now working on Mac OS X. The '/etc/ssh/ssh_config' file can be modified with 'cme edit system-ssh'. root user can edit his ~/.ssh/config file like any other user. The Augeas backend has been removed. The Any::Moose dependency has been replaced with Mouse.

    •  19 May 2011 11:24

      Release Notes: A bug was fixed to avoid keyword without value lines. Comments in ssh configuration files are preserved and can be edited through the graphical interface. config-edit-* were removed. config-edit now has auto-completion and can be invoked with "-application ssh" or "-application sshd".

      •  14 Jun 2010 15:18

        Release Notes: SSH: improved PortForward configuration. sshd: automatic migration of data from the deprecated KeepAlive parameter to the TCPKeepAlive parameter. This enables migration from old sshd configurations to the new syntax.

        •  11 Sep 2009 11:10

          Release Notes: This release changes the "level" of some elements to "important" so the new wizard provided by C::M::TkUI will show the most important ssh and sshd configuration parameters.

          •  25 Jun 2009 15:30

            Release Notes: Updated for Config::Model 0.637


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