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Release Notes: Too many major new features to enumerate, but including a Web content management module, and major improvements to Leads, Contacts, Marketing, and Help Desk modules. New custom dashboards, an Outlook plugin, and e-Commerce features.

Release Notes: Custom dashboards, major folder improvements, a new Web CMS, major leads, contact and account, communications module enhancements, inbound email integration, and knowledge base improvements in help desk were added. This beta release is available as a binary install image only.

Release Notes: This release can attach documents from various CRM modules to outgoing email messages, independently schedule activities and log activities without the need to first record a past activity, record Activities against an account without specifying a contact, attach Documents directly to general contacts and account contacts (documents attached in the Contacts module follow the contact to the Accounts module), and make HTML, CSV, and Excel reports. Nine databases are now supported: Derby, DaffodilDB, Firebird SQL, DB2, Interbase, SQL Server 2000/2005, MySQL 5, Oracle 10g Express, and PostgreSQL.

Release Notes: This is a major release with over 70 major new features, including: a workflow system (Action Plans) in Accounts and Help Desk with a GUI workflow editor; Divisions/Sites; Asterisk integration with inbound screen pops and outbound dialing; Jabber/XMPP integration; LDAP authentication, Help Desk Knowledge Base; Firebird database support; Oracle 10g support; and a Web Services API.

Release Notes: LDAP integration. Asterisk PBX integration. XMPP integration. Visual workflow design and execution. Divisions (allow for multiple divisions in the same company, or other companies, to work within the same database, but with restrictive permissions between divisions). User group management (allows for teams to be created and assigned various tasks). Knowledge base and defect tracking features in the help desk. Lead improvements, opportunity improvements, help desk improvements, and customization features.

Release Notes: This release has complete, chronological Account and Contact histories, smart deletions which account for database dependencies, major webDav improvements, major improvements to the Leads module, an integrated Quartz scheduler, instant communications to contacts and leads, and much more.

Release Notes: Full installers are available for PostgreSQL, MSSQL, and DaffodilDB. This release can upgrade from any previous Centric CRM version (PostgreSQL and MSSQL). Most reported issues have been fixed. Additional drop-downs were added for Pipeline. Activities started with an Opportunity stay linked with that Opportunity when additional Activities are added; existing Activities are upgraded with this link. Importing contacts into the Accounts module without a company name will now store the contact as an Individual. Accounts can be searched by Postal Code or Account Asset Serial number.

Release Notes: Account/Contact History: a chronological record of account and contact interaction in one integrated view. Folders have been added to the Pipeline module. Reports now process immediately when added to the queue. Outbound rich text email for any contact, with messages saved with contact record. Smart Deleting: deleting of Accounts, Contacts, and Users, with careful attention to related data. Major improvements to BPM and workflow engines. Improvements to the Leads module. Updated supported languages.

Release Notes: Documents can be copied into Accounts, Documents, and Projects modules using WebDAV. vCards can be exported from contact lists and details pages in Accounts, Contacts, and Employees modules. Numerous other 2-way WebDAV additions. Instant Messaging and Text Messaging contact fields have been added. Additional contact fields have been added to map to vCard fields. An iCalendar priority field has been added to tasks. The complete set of scripts required to upgrade a system from v2.8, v2.9, and v3.0 have been included.

Release Notes: This release includes German, Spanish, and Portuguese translations. Translations now include database level translations (lookup lists, permissions, workflows, and notifications). The Daffodil DB/One$DB Embedded database is now included, which allows running Centric CRM without a database server. Support for sequences and reserved words has been added. The Ant script has been updated with "upgradedb" and "copy" features.


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