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  •  07 Jul 2010 14:05

Release Notes: This is a major update, with applications now ranging from social networking sites to business directories to collaborative "Enterprise 2.0" intranets. This release features: a Twitter-like activity stream for collaboration and status updates; Facebook-like rich user profiles; email notifications; a very functional wiki with the ability to export to PDF; improvements to Ideas, Blog, Reviews, Discussion Forums, Document Management, Lists, Badges, Issues, Participants, Search, Tags, Classifieds, and Promotions; and dozens of other major features and hundreds of minor improvements since 1.0.

  •  09 Jul 2009 21:55

Release Notes: This release fixes an issue in which Google Maps were not being displayed on a listing's profile page.

Release Notes: This release adds administrative notifications for new listings, improves IE7 and IE6 compatibility, improves copying and pasting content from Web pages into the wiki, has a major performance increase when browsing more than 50,000 records, and fixes several bugs as reported.

  •  12 May 2009 00:02

Release Notes: First public release.


Project Spotlight


A tag-length-value parser.


Project Spotlight


Mathematical modeling software