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Release Notes: Filesystem operations are journaled; if conary cannot complete the operation for any reason, the partial filesytem transaction can be reverted with the "conary revert" command. Tag handler output is now output with the name of the tag being handled.

  •  01 Dec 2006 10:37

Release Notes: Most changes are improvements in dependency calculation.

  •  21 Nov 2006 13:59

Release Notes: Two minor bugs in dependency discovery introduced for unsual cases in the previous version are resolved. The mirror system is now explicitly supported. The cvc diff command reports status explicitly through return code.

Release Notes: The "conary migrate" command now functions correctly when applying critical updates as part of the migration (such as updating conary itself). Most other significant changes involve building software with Conary: shared libraries now provide filenames as well as DT_SONAME records, configuration files go in :config components by default, supplemental documentation is now stored in :supdoc by default, and the "cvc refresh" command is improved. Committing binaries to the repository now uses relative changesets and is thus faster.

Release Notes: When multiple troves with the same name are already installed, Conary now uses path information to choose which one should be the one that is updated. This is particularly useful for multiple foo:lib components. Failure to call GPG to validate trove signatures is now printed only if a signature trust threshhold has been set. The usage message has been simplified to be more useful, and fits on one standard-size screen. Source files can now change to and from autosource files. A KDE mirror list has been added.

  •  13 Oct 2006 11:02

Release Notes: Several minor update and build issues have been resolved.

Release Notes: Local system database update performance is significantly improved. Group building has new features to help debug problems and new features to make the process easier.

  •  26 Sep 2006 10:06

Release Notes: Several unusual update cases are handled better. Updating packages is faster. A slowdown in building packages has been fixed. Macros can now be overridden by files in the /etc/conary/macros.d/ directory.

Release Notes: Conary updates more robustly by trying to update conary itself first and then restarting itself to finish the update. Several database queries have been significantly sped up. The cvc refresh command has been implemented to allow re-fetching autosource files that have changed content without changing name (often of the form foo.tar.gz with no version number included).

Release Notes: This release orders updates and merges configuration files based on paths, which means that files can move between arbitrary troves rather than only within a package. This makes updates more robust, particularly when moving from one branch to another. Many common operations are significantly faster, and some also use less memory. Threaded updates have been modified to avoid hiding error conditions. On the packaging site, the clone operation has been refined, and the merge and update operations are more verbose.


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