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  •  02 Feb 2006 23:06

Release Notes: The conary changeset command now takes --recurse and --no-recurse arguments. Conary now uses to find all possible correct elements of sys.path when generating python provides and requires. The PythonSetup() build action now works properly with files that use "from setuptools import foo" instead of "import setuptools". Additional logging has been added to the repository server. Conary now detects "MySQL Database Locked" errors and will retry the operation a configurable number of times.

  •  01 Feb 2006 14:50

Release Notes: Java, Perl, and Python dependencies are now enforced by default. Querying has been unified and expanded. Conary now displays progress feedback while applying rollbacks. Redirects no longer point to a specific trove; they now redirect to a branch. The conary emerge command can now run on a recipe file as well as building from the repository. The cvc merge command now properly handles the case where the version number is changed first on the shadow and then on the parent branch.

  •  25 Jan 2006 17:53

Release Notes: This release defaults to building packages within home directories. It reports error conditions more helpfully and concisely. It does a better job of finding new troves in certain cases when flavoring has changed. It handles Python dependencies better.

  •  19 Jan 2006 11:48

Release Notes: Most policy has been separated from conary proper, and moved instead to the conary-policy package. This release features optional rate-limiting for uploads and downloads.

  •  16 Jan 2006 13:30

Release Notes: Fixes an anomaly that sometimes caused signatures to incorrectly fail to validate.

Release Notes: New features include multiple supported database backends, mirroring repositories, and groups can now contain references to packages with only subsets of components. System updating has been improved to make it easier to keep troves syncronized. Building Python packages is now easier, with explicit support for both setuptools and disttools.

  •  23 Dec 2005 23:27

Release Notes: Some build issues caused by the new packaging split were fixed. PackageRecipe was also updated for the package split.

Release Notes: This release debuts a new arrangement for the packaging of Conary itself. It has been split into three packages: conary, conary-build, and conary-repository. Branching and shadowing binaries has been constrained to interactive mode to avoid mistakes.

Release Notes: This release automatically generates Perl and Python dependencies, both provides and requires, when building packages. It does not yet enforce the new dependencies, in order to give time to rebuild packages to deploy them. The repository server now falls back to anonymous access when user/password access fails. There are several improvements to the update and display code.

Release Notes: A new system-based authentication scheme, called "entitlements", has been added. To support this change, usernames and passwords are no longer allowed in repository maps. Conary will print an error message describing the correct configuration file entry to use instead.


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