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Compilercache is a wrapper around your C and C++ compilers. Each time you compile something, it puts the result of the compilation into a cache. Once you compile the same thing again, with exactly the same command line parameters and exactly the same sources and included include files, the result will be picked from the cache instead of being recompiled.

Operating Systems

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  •  18 Apr 2001 14:16

Release Notes: Many bugfixes, and many more cache hits.

  •  28 Mar 2001 15:28

Release Notes: This release includes misc speedups and bugfixes, support for the NOCOMPILERCACHE environment variable, no longer any dependance on getopt, an option to link output files (instead of copying them), and better commented / simplified sourcecode.

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04 Oct 2002 09:00 walles

This project has been superceded by ccache
AFAICT (from the ccache home page (, this project has been superceded by ccache (


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