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CompBenchmarks automates installation, configuration (using specific compilers or arbitrary options), and evaluation of some well-known C/C++ benchmarks and applications. Results are given in XML files that can be sent to the CompBenchmarks Web site.

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  •  26 Sep 2007 10:39

Release Notes: 61 third-party benchmarks/packages are supported. An XML knowledge base has been introduced to describe compilation options' dependencies or incompatibilities. Configuration now uses XML files. A Perl API has been added. A test suite has been added. Many bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: An improved build process. An automated test suite. Many bugfixes. 61 supported benchmarks and applications. Precision of measures up to a millisecond. XML-based configuration and messages. An XML compiler options database.

  •  21 Dec 2006 11:47

Release Notes: 25 more benchmarks are supported (C++ language). There is an improved build mechanism, and a useless (nonexistent) script call has been removed. The Web site has reached 10,000 published results.

  •  12 Dec 2006 14:52

Release Notes: The installation scheme, documentation, and API have been improved. Ten new benchmarks are supported.

  •  12 Oct 2006 13:46

Release Notes: All known bugs have been fixed. There are many new options for benchmark's command line handling.


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