Version 1.1.1 of Community-ID

Release Notes: This release adds more requirements checks during installation (PHP version and existence of some extensions and options). It has language updates. The 'register now' section is no longer still visible in the home page when registrations are disabled in the config file.

Other releases

Release Notes: This release candidate has only some smaller changes, and is getting close to the final release. There are updated language reference files, a check to see if cURL is enabled (needed for Yubikey), and a label to list password requirements. This release will detect missing new config settings after an upgrade and show a warning notice.

Release Notes: This release fixes 2 bugs: there was a Javascript error when authenticating, and upgrading from versions prior to 1.2.1 was broken.

Release Notes: This is a major release, and you must read the README file included in the package before you upgrade. As usual, please back up your installation before you run the upgrade. The main features in this release are Yubikey support, a PAPE extension for phishing-resistant authentication, password check, username blacklisting, and multiple profiles.

  •  10 Mar 2010 13:39

Release Notes: A bug introduced in version 1.2 that broke logging into Facebook was fixed. The reminder counter was not reset after the user confirms. An Italian translation was added. The Catalan translation was updated.

Release Notes: No new features were added, but 3 bugs were fixed. In the authentication page for an OpenID transaction, the OpenID shouldn't be changeable. The password recovery URL was forced to be HTTP even when the site was using HTTPS. One couldn't edit one's user profile or change one's password.


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A fast full-text search engine for MySQL.


Project Spotlight

Razer device configuration tool

A Razer device configuration tool.