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Jakarta Commons HTTP Client

The Jakarta Commons HTTP Client component supports the client-side of RFC 1945 (HTTP/1.0) and RFC 2616 (HTTP/1.1), several related specifications (RFC 2109 (Cookies), RFC 2617 (HTTP Authentication), etc.), and provides a framework by which new request types (methods) or HTTP extensions can be easily created.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Aug 2003 09:57

    Release Notes: An option was added to disable the 'stale' connection check, which may lead to a slight performance improvement at the cost of reduced reliability. Debug logging in the multi-threaded connection manager was improved. URI.normalize() no longer has an effect on relative URIs. The use of sun.* classes in was removed, the query param encoding was changed to UTF-8, and multiple transfer encoding headers and non-chunked transfer encodings are now handled correctly.

    •  22 Mar 2003 03:08

      Release Notes: Bugfixes and new features.


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