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COMDOM Antispam is a high-capacity platform designed for the requirements of ISPs and other large organizations that must fight spam. COMDOM is a powerful anti-spam system operating as a stand alone mail gateway with relay control, authentication, and load balancing support. The system consequently can be used together with mail servers or as a stand alone gateway for several mail servers. The robustness, flexibility, and the high data throughput capacity of COMDOM Antispam allow for the software to be deployed for a range of solutions.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 May 2008 18:05

    Release Notes: This release adds the ability to set priorities/order of filters in a message's evaluation process, and the ability to configure Bayes's HAM/SPAM levels (within the range of 0-100). It also adds the option to clean expired records from greylists (vacuum) using the commap utility. There are several bugfixes.

    •  29 Feb 2008 15:45

      Release Notes: This release adds free support for 100 recipients, adds the new virtual table type "sqlt" (a SQLite3 database for faster access to dynamic virtual tables, especially greylist tables), adds the ability to obtain the sender IP address from the "Received:" header, and fixes several previous bugs (reporting, w/b/g-lists).

      •  07 Jan 2008 18:41

        Release Notes: Minor changes in the SMTP stack implementation for better backwards compatibility with older SMTP servers.

        •  12 Dec 2007 18:14

          Release Notes: This release adds support for DNSBL, which increases overall efficiency to more than 99% on a well trained Bayesian DB. It also adds support for east Asian charsets, and new options concerning the SPF filter to handle common SPF-abusing hacks known to be used by spammers. New restriction types to the smtpd_client_restriction option have been added.

          •  28 Nov 2007 14:48

            Release Notes: This release enhances SPF checking algorithms, taking multiple SPF-abusing spammer techniques into account. New options regarding SPF have been added for controlling and tweaking their behavior. There have been some fixes in the mail parser. A new restriction was added to smtpd_client_restrictions, namely check_unknown_client.


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