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20 Aug 2004 08:34 klloden

Linux and Windows with dual-boot
I dual boot with Linux and XP since I sometimes need to work in Linux and sometimes in Windows. I just discovered Columba yesterday and after some playing around discovered that I could use one copy of Columba on a shared FAT32 partition and access all of my email(including local mail folders) from both Linux and XP! This was always the biggest annoyance of dual booting to me - not having access to my address book and mail folders when I was working in the other OS. This is one awesome feature! Two thumbs up!

To do this I simply created a symlink for the .columba folder that redirects it to my shared partition. For Windows I used a utility called 'MakeLink.exe', which is a free download on the internet, and it allows you to create a symbolic link in Windows as well.

11 Apr 2004 16:38 drewbian

Nice work
I really like this email client, one of the nicest java gui apps I've tried yet.
Top stuff, keep up the great work!


24 Jul 2002 05:02 tstich

Re: NoClassDefFoundError: org/w3c/dom/Node

> What jar do you expect in the class path
> to resolve the
> "NoClassDefFoundError:
> org/w3c/dom/Node"?

When using JRE1.3 and prior be sure to add
ext/xalan.jar:ext/jaxp.jar:ext/parser.jar to the classpath.
JRE1.4 has those included by default.

24 Jun 2002 00:34 wonko

Java just isn't suited for mail clients
Columba is one of the nicest mail clients I've used, and even the beta version worked very well for me, but there's an enormous disadvantage -- since it's written in Java, the program consumes upwards of 30 megabytes of RAM.

No matter how nice the program is, that kind of memory usage is just inexcusable, especially for something like a mail client, which many people leave open all the time. Sadly, Java just is not suited for this sort of application.

20 May 2002 16:26 darecords

Columba Email Client on Linux
It looks nice, but completely non-funcitonal for me. I attempted to set up multiple pop clients, it doesn't save the name you assign until you go in again and edit it, it doesn't create new accounts, except for the imap one. The imap one crashes every time I attempt to use it. I'll look later, in a year or so!

18 Mar 2002 11:51 dacracot

NoClassDefFoundError: org/w3c/dom/Node
What jar do you expect in the class path to resolve the
"NoClassDefFoundError: org/w3c/dom/Node"?


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