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Colloquy is an intriguing, lightweight Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client rich in both features and ease of use.

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  •  21 Mar 2003 11:39

Release Notes: This release reliably connects to more IRC servers, faster. Twenty of the typical IRC commands have been implemented for die-hard users. Rudimentary plugin support has been added; try /itunes in a room to test the basic iTunes plugin. French localization has been added. A problem which occurred which using an Azerty keyboard and prevented typing characters with accents has been fixed. Connections are now saved in the Connection Manager during the first launch.

  •  16 Mar 2003 22:42

Release Notes: In this version, the toolbar configuration crashes (the most reported crash) were fixed. The Emoticon and Encoding toolbar items now honor the "Use Small Icons" toolbar setting. The Connect toolbar item now opens the "New Connection" dialog when no connection is selected. There are IRC command queue tweaks to make things "snappier". There is support for password protected servers. Nicknames with special characters now get encoded and are saved properly. This fixes the "|" (pipe character) bug.


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A mutt patch that adds a sidebar showing all mail folders.


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