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  •  31 Jul 2008 17:25

Release Notes: This release adds new functionality and fixes many bugs. Users can now log in using Open ID accounts, and tagging has been improved. The time tracker reports are more verbose and show the comments, a Serbian locale has been added, and a large internal restructuring allows for multi-site setup.

  •  30 Apr 2008 16:47

Release Notes: This release fixes many bugs and brings new functionality. 3 new locales are included. Tagging of files and messages is now possible. Search has been improved. An importer for data from Basecamp has been added. It imports all the project information of a Basecamp account, making switching easy.

  •  17 Apr 2008 13:28

Release Notes: Today we are proud to announce the release of Collabtive 0.4.5 This version brings new functionality, enhanced existing functionality, and bugfixes. VCard export and new fields have been implemented in the user profiles. Time tracking can now be applied to tasks, and reporting has been improved. This release supports a new 'client' user role.

  •  26 Mar 2008 23:04

Release Notes: New functionality was added, many bugs were fixed, and many improvements were made all around. Search functionality was added (on the project and global levels). System sounds were added (for login, logout, error). Timetracker reporting was improved. Localization was improved. Export functionality (RSS, PDF) was greatly improved. Graphical tooltips were added for milestone details. Many interface improvements were made. The structure of the code base was improved, and it runs flawlessly in strict mode now.

  •  02 Mar 2008 17:10

Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix and polishing release. It resolves all bugs known to date. It also brings some new functionality such as comments in the timetracker, project, end date, and RSS task export. It brings many smaller feature and UI enhancements.

  •  23 Feb 2008 09:51

Release Notes: This version brings many bugfixes, as well as new functionality. It includes a Flash progress meter on the project view that shows the ratio between open and closed tasks, an "All my messages" view, time tracking functionality, PDF and Excel export capability, a confirm dialog when deleting items, an improved installer, a Danish localization, many bugfixes, and many smaller improvements.

  •  06 Feb 2008 13:32

Release Notes: This release fixes many bugs (large and small), brings more polishing of the user interface, and has new functionality. There are new and improved locales (Italian, Galician, Spanish, and Czech) and improved error pages. Files can be attached to messages. The latest messages from all projects are now on the desktop. More pages have the WYSIWYG editor. There are new AJAX scrollbars for the milestones view.

  •  22 Jan 2008 14:52

Release Notes: This release brings many bugfixes, polished rough edges, and new functionality. It uses Unicode (UTF-8) as the character encoding. Russian and Czech translations have been added. There are improvements to the file manager. Image and text files are now displayed in a lightbox. There are improvements to the admin area. There are many bugfixes and small improvements.

  •  06 Jan 2008 19:51

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